We believe we are all better off when we collaborate

We are a network of professionals and organizations, working together to accelerate Berlin’s transition to a circular city.

Who we are

A group of strategists, researchers, designers, practitioners and everything in between.

Dina Padalkina

Circular City and Circular Materials, Founder of Circular Berlin

Isabel Ordoñez

Design with secondary materials, Lead of CURE project

Paul Anca

Designer & Strategist for Circular Economy, Co-Founder of C.UBI

Marilu Valente

Circular Economy Industrial Designer, Founder of Cyclic Design

Leon Bucher

Circular Economy Education | Design Thinking Coach | Facilitator

Arianna Nicoletti

Circular Fashion Expert, Founder of Circular Economy Tours

Georg Hubmann

Circular City and Urban Ecosystems | TU Berlin - CHORA

Laura Konieczny

Zero Waste Events and Lifestyle, Founder of Zero Waste Your Life

Alex Han

Circular Economy and all around data


What kind of entity is Circular Berlin?

We are registered as an association, called Circular City – Zirkuläre Stadt e.V.

How can I join Circular Berlin?

You can read about how to join us here.

Our journey

Finding the local actors

Our story started when 4 volunteers  joined forces to organize the Circular Economy Mapping event in February 2018. Together we discovered more than 120 initiatives in Berlin which are involved in the circular economy. Along with the impressive results, it marked the beginning of a fruitful collaboration with EIT Climate-KIC and Berlin Partner.

Identifying industries with circular potential

The collaboration with Climate-KIC continued, supporting an in-depth research study on what approach should be taken to “anchor” the circular economy topic in Berlin. This gave the first impulse for developing Circular Berlin as a platform. The research identified 4 industries with great circular development potential in Berlin: the built environment, food & biomass, textile & fashion, and materials & products.

Mapping industry hurdles and opportunities

In a next step, we brought together the local actors through the dedicated industry events. We aimed to find the main hurdles standing in the way of developing more circular practices, as well as defining tangible solutions to overcome them.

Expanding our reach

We are currently focusing on expanding our reach through community-building, education, project development and research.

We will let you know when our next meetup takes place!