Non-Profit project that promotes Women in work with wood building materials.

Withinthe Circular Economy area our focus lies on identifying new ways in creative design and product development with scrap wood. Scrap wood is seen as waste in strait economically working joineries.

Until Sept. 2019 we run a Pop-Up Workshop at the ZKU in Berlin where we perform different workshops under the theme of creative scrap wood design. We have a cooperation with different wood factories to collect scrap wood that we store and use in our workshops as well as give away to people in need for material.

In our projects we work with this “waste material” and develop open design, especially for the DIY-sector.

Resources and processes
Input: wood scrap
Output: furniture, DIY Deisign
  • Focus
    Design, supply chain, production, secondary materials
  • Date
    since 2009
  • Industry
    Materials, Products
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