Biomimicry Germany e.V.

Biomimicry Germany is the leading Think Thank in sustainable bioinspired innovation in Germany, and the local branch of an extensive Biomimicry Global Network.

It connects and supports industry leaders, startups, educational organizations, researchers and public institutions among others, to foster the emergence of sustainable bioinspired innovation projects and initiatives. It also educates both professionals and the public on Nature inspired Innovation, its value creation potential and the sustainable gains it generates.
Biomimicry is one of the major school of thoughts known to have developed and refined the concept of Circular Economy.

The mission is to catalyze and facilitate the design process, foster economic creativity, and ultimately improve the dialogue between mankind and nature through research, professional training, and education.
  • Audi
  • Schindler
  • Museum für Naturkunde
  • Hasso Platner Institute
  • Korehnke Kommunikation
  • Dycle
  • Biooekonomierat
  • Doing It Together Science
  • Focus
  • Date
    since 2013
  • Industry
    Materials, Products
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