Cafe Botanico

Café Botanico is the mix of traditional Italian gastronomy and modern concepts of urban agriculture, permaculture and food sovereignty. The selection of dishes is based on the seasonal selection of vegetables, salads, herbs and fruits from the local permaculture. It focuses on 0 Kilometer approach for sowing, planting, harvesting, preparing cooking, serving and eating. The main strength is showcasing a mature Permaculture forest garden in the City and giving People the Chance to TASTE instead of just listening or seeing. Café operates on the low waste case and organic agriculture with certificate.

Resources and processes
Input: labour, water, sunlight, soil, compost, pollinating insects, seeds
Output: Food, a beautiful and inspiring place to visit, high diversity of species and varieties
  • Focus
    food production
  • Date
    since 2012
  • Industry
    Agriculture, Food
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