The CRCLR is open, experimental space for local production systems, collaborative ways of working, smart use of resources and circular business models. In the long-term use, the concept will be further developed and supplemented by set up residential units, which will create new, cost-effective living space for a broad population cross-section. Vertical housing extension – funded by the SIWA program of the Berlin Senate. Long-term preservation of a historic warehouse as a cultural and business center, as well as a vertical extension with residential units, in a modular timber panel construction. Residential and commercial uses are linked in a variety of ways through circular processes. 

Possible implications

Process for the Circular Construction and secondary material use, spaces for experimental circular business practices and New construction with the objective of “flexible construction” with the needs adjustment over the time 

  • Hütten und Paläste
  • Trnsfrm
  • Zuhause e.V.
  • many others
  • Focus
    Circular Economy HUB
  • Date
  • Industry
    Agriculture, Construction, Energy, Materials
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