CRCLR (circular) is a Berlin-based circular economy Think- and Do Tank with the mission to catalyse and accelerate the transition towards a circular economy. We develop circular spaces, through our CRCLR House in Neukölln, and CRCLR House in Pretschen; we develop circular toolkits, innovations and projects through our CRCLR Agency; and we support the circular community and the discourse around circularity in Berlin with idea workshops imagining a circular future. In 2019, the CRCLR Houses will be undergoing major renovations developing circular models for business, events, and accommodation through hands-on experimentation in the spaces. 

Possible implications

Learning for Circular Construction and secondary material use, spaces for experimental circular business practices and New construction with the objective of “flexible construction” with the needs adjustment over time. Community lead circular futures projects, targeted at accelerating the transition towards a more circular future today.

  • Trnsfrm
  • Hütten und Paläste
  • Zuhause e.V.
  • many others
  • Focus
    Circular Economy HUB
  • Date
  • Industry
    Agriculture, Construction, Energy, Materials
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