Das Baumhaus Berlin

Das Baumhaus is an open socio-cultural project in Wedding. It connects, inspires and empowers each other, neighbors, organizations and local changemakers working for transition to sustainability. In the project space, people and projects from a broad variety of backgrounds come together, meet and collaborate.

They have lots of examples of positive feedback loops that are currently functioning in our physical space. The space has a lot of resonance that gets people’s attention and inspires direct action as well as imagination. The frameworks allow visitors and clients to gain an embodied experience with sustainability across 6 dimensions (peaces) including personal, ecological, aesthetic, cultural, economic & social.

Resources and processes
Input: We work with all sorts of materials from A to Z, there is no limit so far… Specifically, we have done lots of work with standard building materials but also processing common trash items (clothing, consumer product packaging and food waste) directly into useful products and materials
Output: We develop flexible, contextual frameworks and systems that can be easily exported and modified to fit specific situations. Each case is evaluated individually.
  • Berlin 21
  • Transition town Wedding & Pankow
  • Himmelbeet community garden,
  • Trim Tab Collective,
  • Material Mafia,
  • OSCE Days Berlin,
  • Kunststoffe Berlin,


Baumhouse Berlin searchers for media partners and businesses, organizations, government institutions and NGOs to share and consult how to develop and implements more practical sustainable systems.

  • Focus
    sustainability HUB
  • Date
  • Industry
    Construction, Food, Materials, Products, Textile and fashion
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