Our handmade Dings are a new innovative way of D(umpl)ings, which come in different shapes and colours with infinite variations of fillings, that will create and fuel a new level of sustainability.
How we turn you into a food saver? It’s all about how our supply chain works. We purchase produce of impeccable quality in surplus from food retailers and wholesalers, food that would otherwise be needlessly wasted.
Altogether DingsDums creates spontaneous dishes. Due to the unpredictability of what ingredients we acquire, every DingsDums experience is unique. By utilising perfectly good food products, that would be otherwise tossed away, we create a one time experience, every time!
Our dumplings represent our strive towards reducing food waste in a nice, pretty handmade design and deliciously edible package.


Input: unprocessed surplus food, surplus convenience products, surplus juices
Output: frozen, storable, distributable dumplings with infinite variations of fillings, matching homemade sauces


Actively searching for partners in distribution like supermarkets, wholesales, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, sustainable packaging professionals, and  procurement: suppliers with surplus food

  • Focus
    Food and catering services, supply chain, food rescue
  • Date
    since 2017
  • Industry
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