DYCLE innovated a sustainable approach on how baby diapers are to be produced using natural fibers and close the loop of the product through collection & recycle. The diaper inlays produced are plastic free and compostable. The used diapers inlays are collected and converted through Terra Preta. Composting into hygienic, fertile black humus. The end product is used for growing fruit/nuts trees among local community, where the yields in return can be used for baby food.

Resources and processes
Input: Natural fibres, Biochar, Cellulose, microorganisms, fruit/nut seedlings, organic waste from local community, coffee ground, local bio-farmers, composting company
Output: Black humus –Terra Preta Composting, seedlings,  Fresh fruits & Nut
  • Organic farm &agriculture sector, such as demeter
  • Local communities
  • Focus
    materials, design, production
  • Date
    since 2015
  • Industry
    Agriculture, Materials, Products
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