Spanish fashion brand focused cloth design, production, and sale made of waste materials collected in the ocean. The mission is sustainable ocean upcycling. It operates globally with 2 collection and production spot in Taiwan and S. Korea, stores in Madrid and Berlin.

Ecoalf has a project on  upcycling the ocean – The Ecoalf Foundation has managed to involve Spanish companies that are leaders in their respective areas (from waste management companies, technological centres and recyclers, to thread and fabric manufacturers) that will collaborate in this project and share their experience in recycling different types of debris (PET bottles, fishing nets, used tires, etc) and the R+D accumulated through their international alliances with specialized technological recycling.

Resources and processes
Input: ocean plastic waste
Output: up-cycled cloth from waste-materials
  • Focus
    2ry materials, design, production
  • Industry
    Textile and fashion
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