erie Berlin

The brand is exploring on ways to work with the environment and with people in a way that not just eliminates negative influence but actually supports everything and everyone involved in the processes.

A main strength is the focus on completely natural and organic products, so that all products are compostable and represent a circular movement, which is supported by a circular business model.

Resources and processes
Input: Plant-based organic fabrics (cotton, hemp, linen, nettle, etc.), cruelty-free organic/wild silk, organic wool from local farms (we are not using wool yet because we haven’t found a supplier that works with the values of reciprocal relations with the sheep), dyeing material from plants (madder, golden rod, onion skins, avocado peel & seed, elder berry, dyer’s woad, log wood, etc.), organic sewing thread
Output: Colored materials, cloths, cartons of packages from return sending, Sometimes there are a few fabric scraps left over – which usually we also use for designing other items
  • Focus
    materials, design, production
  • Date
    since 2015
  • Industry
    Materials, Products, Textile and fashion
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