Komm & Sieh

Non-profit project in Berlin  that provides location, containers and collect clothing donations in Berlin for sorting, repair and cloth upcycling the cloths for the people in needs, such as the emergency clothing chambers of the emergency overnight, station mission and the projects of the homeless and refugee assistance. employ at least 40% of people with a proven disability in our neighborhood shops. Some of the permanent employees were previously in need of the clothsthemselves and have been able to find their way back into a regular life with the support of the Berlin City Mission. Berlin City Mission, developed own Brand Water to Wine for the upclycledcloths items. Water To Wine Corporate Fashion specializes in corporate merchandising that transports the sustainable action of your company through the reuse of unused materials and thoughtful design.

Resources and processes
Input: Old cloth collection point
Output: material for further up cycling for other partners and up-cycled cloths in the shop
  • Focus
    collection points, old textile, design, production
  • Date
    since 2012
  • Industry
    Materials, Textile and fashion
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