Mimycri is truly innovative in that it uses “waste” material to tell an emotional story and to raise awareness for what is currently happening at the borders of Europe. Material used had a past life as a refugee boat and by that we encourage people to think about the relation of the subject and the object: the object (material) is used to create another way of experiencing the subjective. The main strength is also that we duplicate the idea that waste is often not really waste, but can be used to create something new by applying this to the people who are fleeing to Europe.

Resources and processes
Input: Broken rubber boat material, logistics, shipping, marketing, design, funding
Output: Bags and backpacks, knowledge about migration, integration and upcycling
  • Focus
    Design, material supply chain, production, secondary materials
  • Date
    since 2015
  • Industry
    Products, Textile and fashion
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