Via the RE-NT platform we integrate producers and consumers simultaneously to explore a circular fashion system. End-Users can rent garments and experience a fashion as service system. Producers can rent out they garments at our website, as we take care of the operational aspects. We dry-clean and ship the garments. When the garments are rented out and are not wearable anymore we recycle and return the garments to the producers where they use these for up cycling production. Because the aim of RE-NT is to transform the fashion industry into a zero waste industry.


Input: Recycling system, dry-Cleaning, logistic
Output: recycled cotton, clothes to rent

  •  RePack is our partner in packaging
  • DPD is our logistic partner
  • Looking for partners among fashion brands
  • Focus
    Materials, supply chain, end of life
  • Date
    since 2017
  • Industry
    Textile and fashion
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