Roof Water Farm

Roof Water Farm research network identifies and develops innovative routes for potential urban food production and water management. Thus, contributing to multifunctional and sustainable infrastructure development in urban environment. The system involves integrated water treatment for cultivating rooftop farms with aquaponics and hydroponics system. The research also focusses on the quality conformity of the associated farm products according to national and European specifications.

It started with the project called Block 6, focusing on the recycling system for grey water. Grey water – fecal-free wastewater – with a total of approx. 50-70 liters per person per day represents the largest proportion of domestic sewage. It comes from bathtubs, showers and hand basins, while the higher-loaded portions come from the washing machine and the kitchen. Grey-water recycling must ensure that users do not take any hygienic risks and suffer no loss of comfort.

Resources and processes
grey water (sewage water from bathtubs, showers and hand basins), rain and black water,
energy, construction materials like glass, metals, plastics
water with the better quality then bathing for toilet flushing, washing machine or irrigation of green areas
Fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, fish, biomass, NPK fertilizer
  • Focus
    planning, production, nutrients
  • Date
    since 2006, 2013
  • Industry
    Agriculture, Energy, Food, Water
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