Roots Radicals

Roots Radicals is an upcoming startup, in the process of founding and brand and image development. It tackles food waste and packaging waste as foundations, but within a complete circular thinking, aiming to collaborate with many people working on the circular economy field to help fuel each others work.
We aim to have a strong Research and Development into Upcycling to new product development which otherwise would have been considered organic waste/waste.
We have a no waste policy and no plastic.
Packaging is aimed to be compostable, if not biodegradable or recyclable.
We use a system of Glass pfand so people can bring their glass and take products minus the cost of packaging and help us recycle our packaging.
Collaborate with other packaging and circular initiatives to make it a community as well.
We have an education platform and will give workshops to tackle the initiative of food waste and sustainable living at home.

Resources and processes
Input: Organic Produce, Packaging – Glass and Paper, Labeling
Kitchen Equipment, Furniture Plates, Glasses, Cups and Cutlery
Output: Coffee grounds, Compost, Other Organic Waste, vegetable fibers
  • Chefs Manifesto
  • Regenerative Farming
  • Die Gemeinschaft
  • Circular Berlin
  • Ellen Macarthur Foundation
  • SPRK
  • No Waste and other Circular Food Projects/Restaurants
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Unpackaged stores such as OU and Der Sache Wegen
  • Focus
    Food and catering services
  • Date
  • Industry
    Food, Products