The company initiates new aesthetic high fashion garments through new ways in fabrication of used garments with innovative production cycles supported with digital media. The products are desired to be returned to it’s own custom made container again after a pleasant usage, and will be treated as material for the further new products. Donators receive an ID number which enables to provide history & track the afterlife of used clothes, stored in the digital database. This database also helps in easy redesigning process to choose choice of materials. The redesigned or reprocessed (cuffs, holes, etc) new product is tagged and registered in database. The new owners can find out the background of the pieces, comment and carry on the history.

Resources and processes
Input: used garments, digital platform, custom containers, redesign processes
Output: New fashion garments
  • Recycling Design preis 2010
  • “Start Your Fashion Business” Sonderpreis 2010
  • BerliNordik Award
  • Mart-Stam-Förderpreis 2009 award
  • Focus
    design, material supply chain, digital enabler
  • Date
    since 2010
  • Industry
    Products, Textile and fashion
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