Studio Flaer

Studio Flær is a Berlin based design studio, founded by Anna Drewes and Dario Iannone. Main areas of work include industrial design, digital solutions, design research and knowledge transfer.

The studio’s dedication roots in accessible and meaningful design that aspires solutions for future key topics as circular economy, cradle to cradle and holistic product service systems. This involves design criteria for circularity, smart material choices and service systems which accompany the products.

Self initiated projects embrace an experimental approach that explores ways of functionality, material and digital innovations or almost forgotten crafts while addressing contemporary social and technical quests.

Resources and processes
Input: Partner companies, Studies, Material researches
Output: Product design criteria and guidelines, case studies, business models, Design and strategy tools for Circularity, Workshops.

Eager to extend the partner network in the areas of Product design, Production, Business Consultancy, Service Applications, Service Design

  • Focus
  • Date
    since 2013
  • Industry
    Materials, Products
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