The Real Junk Food Project Berlin

The Real Junk Food Project is a global network that brings a radical change in our food system using surplus food, which rescues food waste from supermarkets, restaurants and businesses, and turns them into nutritious meals. The vision of this network is to raise awareness on food waste mainly on the nature of appearance and age, rather considering its consumable value. The work plan was in three phases such as café operation for utilizing rescued food along with awareness, Café as distribution center and Restaurant which serves food with policy of “Pay as you feel” policy, thus encouraging people to support this project to be financially sustainable. 


Input: Food, mostly coming from supermarkets waste, Transportation, preferentially CO2 free, Kitchen, to process the food, Storage possibility, both not and refrigerated storage option to increase the lifetime of the food, Common spaces, where to organize the cooking activities as well as educational ones 
Output: Expertise in food processing, preserved food preparation, food storage
Provide education about food waste

  • Focus
    supply chain, production, end of life use
  • Date
    since 2015
  • Industry
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