Circular Berlin meets OSCEDays

Circular Berlin was proud to be a part of the extraordinary event, happening on the 14-16th of June, Open Source Circular Economy Days (OSCEDays)!

It was truly extraordinary, exciting and full of interesting people, ideas, and conversations.

For us, the preparation started already in March, when together Lars Zimmermann, the main organizer of event and Dina Padalkina, founder of Circular Berlin, decided to join the forces and run OSCEDays 2018 under one motto “How to make Berlin Circular?”

The program for this years OSCEdays Berlin was really incredible – from software to hardware, from bio to tech, from games to business models, all are on board – and everything will create one big growing interactive exhibition! Impressive to see how fast circular economy community is growing in Berlin and more and more enthusiasts joining the movement.

First Day was kicked off by international Eco Design Forum, with OSCEdays partner IDZ.  A

A lot of international speakers and workshops flashed the EUREF Campus. Two Berlin circular economy initiatives, Circular Berlin and CRCLR,  were featured in the program as well. Presented Berlin circular projects strive to promote the Circular Economy both on the district level and city level.

Check our full presentation about Circular Berlin!

The following two days were organized around real examples, where participants could join the process, be part of the research, and contribute to the circular solutions. Inspiring presentation from Studio HILO about Textile Lifecycle together with the whole day workshops of and presentations of different Berlin Circular Fashion projects.

Many educating talks was around Plastic, event conducted by ecologic institute. But also many workshops to make your bioplastic materials by Tim van der Loo. Only positive emotions left, despite hard work and intense days.

Special thanks we need to say to a group of volunteers running the event as well. So much positive energy and dedication, what helped to build a real community behind it

Stay updated, check the participants of OSCEDays 2018