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Circular City Challenge 2.0: Nach intensiven Matchmaking starten 23 Kreislauf-Lösungen in die Umsetzung

In the Circular City Challenge 2.0, which was launched in August 2023, the 20-member jury, made up of city representatives from over 4 cities and municipalities, nominated the most promising solutions and approaches from the more than 120 submissions. From the large number of interesting projects, 23 concepts were particularly...

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a man and a woman with ppe s talking at a construction site

Driving Sustainable Construction:  Exploring DGNB, LEVEL(s), and DIN’s Impact on Circular Construction.

by Alethya Cuberos and Daniela Raffo Organizations like DGNB (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen), LEVEL(s), and DIN-Normenausschuss Bauwesen (NABau) (Standards Committee for Building and Civil Engineering), play significant roles in promoting sustainability, setting standards in the construction industry, and also shaping and promoting responsible approaches within the construction and building...

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CircularPSP: Call for Tenders is open

The EU pre-commercial procurement project CircularPSP launched a €5.64 million tender (Contract Notice on TED) for Suppliers to design, develop and test an innovative ‘circular economy solution’ (CE-solution) that enables municipalities and their staff as well as businesses in the local economy to apply circular practice more quickly, frequently, widely and effectively. Individual users at...

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Circular Berlin’s 2023 in a nutshell

As we bid farewell to yet another impactful year, it's time to take stock of the incredible strides we've made at Circular Berlin. The past twelve months have been transformative, filled with challenges, successes, and an unwavering commitment to our mission of circularity. Let's journey through the highlights of our...

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3D Printing: is it a new technological path for the circular solutions in construction?

by Tabitha Ashley Opondo Technologies for the construction sector to transition to the circular economy The construction industry has long been known for its unsustainable practices, with buildings often being designed and constructed with little regard for their environmental impact. However, as concerns about climate change and resource depletion continue...

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Circularity in fashion – How can it be reached?

In December 2022 Janka Eckert and Julia Kline invited us to a webinar on "How to become circular with your fashion brand in 2023”. Janka and Julia are sustainable fashion consultants and support companies in their transformation in becoming a sustainable player in their industry. Through their expertise, they have...

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