Circular built environment definitions

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Commission Decision 2011/753/EU defines backfilling as‘a recovery operation where suitable waste is used for reclamation purposes in excavated areas or for engineering purposes in landscaping and where the waste is a substitute for non-waste materials’.
In the revised Waste Framework Directive of 2018, the definition of backfilling is strengthened as ‘waste used for backfilling must … be limited to the amount strictly necessary to achieve those purposes’, which might limit the amount of material that will be reported as being backfilled in the future.
Backfilling can be considered low-quality recovery, as it replaces a natural resource (soil) that is abundant without high environmental impacts from its production.
Resources are directly applied on, and provide value to, the land. Common examples include backfilling of materials to reclaim land or landscaping, use on agricultural land in a similar manner to fertiliser.

Bio-Based Material or Biomaterial
Material whose content is derived largely from renewable (i.e. "bio-based") sources.

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