At Circular Berlin, we develop knowledge on the circular economy and apply it through practical projects, community building and education.

Knowledge building & practical projects

We develop knowledge and practical programs on the circular economy, focusing on food & biomass, textile & fashion, the built environment,  materials & products, and city metabolism.

Community building

We bring together and support Berlin’s circular economy actors, by connecting them through open-source tools and regular events.

We offer best-in-class training workshops that combine theoretical understanding with practical applications, hands-on activities, and real-world insights.

Knowledge building and practical projects

Taking a systems view on Berlin, we develop knowledge, strategies and practical projects that help us understand the material flows in the city of Berlin, explore their interconnections and imagine new ways of redesigning them. We do so by partnering with leading institutions in academia, business, and municipality.

Selected projects

Developing a Zero Waste concept for Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

The municipality was looking for an approach to eliminate waste in the district, focusing on public spaces and events. We developed 37  actionable measures that can be applied at a local level.

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Enabling a circular construction ecosystem in Berlin

Even though Berlin’s construction sector is booming, circular construction is not yet common practice, due to diverse reasons, such as the industry complexity, topic misconception and lack of awareness about implementation practices. The project identified the main obstacles and opportunities for circular construction in Berlin.

Making secondary materials usage a common practice

While the reuse of secondary materials in Berlin is a widespread practice, the quantity of materials exchanged has remained relatively low. The project develops a central repository and exploration lab for secondary materials, enabled by a digital marketplace.

Community building

We support Berlin’s dynamic circular economy scene by bringing the actors together, both physically and digitally.


We regularly host events where the community meets, debates and exchanges. Topics range from sharing knowledge on specific industries to collaborative planning sessions. You can find upcoming events here.

Building open-source community tools

We build open-source digital tools that allow information to be exchanged more quickly, such as Berlin’s collaborative calendar for Circular Economy events, or the ecosystem of local circular organisations.


Our Berlin-based circular economy, circularity, and zero waste experts offer best-in-class training workshops that combine theoretical understanding with practical applications, hands-on activities, and real-world insights.



“Circular Berlins’ training session was incredibly impactful on a group of already established designers, not an easy group to win over. We worked on real-world challenges, using tools that we then have continued to use in our projects with clients. We would love to partner again!” —  Fjord Berlin Training Participant

Introduction Workshop

A fun, engaging class to introduce circular principles using hands-on exercises and real world examples.


Tailored sector-focused curriculum available at no additional cost for Circular Berlin’s priority industries: food & biomass, materials & products, built environment and textiles & fashion.

We offer this class for the public from time to time. If we have any upcoming open classes, you can find them here.

After this class, you will…

  • Be able to articulate the theories behind this “circular economy” buzzword
  • Understand how companies and cities are putting this concept into practice right now
  • Have practiced transforming traditional products, business models, and services into circular ones

This class is great for: Everyone who is new to circular economy or needs a refresher! Companies, community groups, non-profit organizations, governments, industry associations, academia, professionals, designers, small businesses.

Language: English, German

Course Length: 4 Hours

Toolbox Workshops

These in-depth workshop sessions teach professionals about actionable tools and methods that you can start using immediately to bring circular economy practices into your work.


Offered in combination with an introductory workshop or as a stand-alone session, depending on the audiences’ needs.

Available toolbox workshops include:

  • LCAs Made Simple: The EVR Tool
  • Business Models, But Make Them Circular
  • How-To: Zero Waste Audit
  • How To: Host a Zero Waste Event
  • Less Bad vs. More Good: A New Vision of Value Creation
  • Sustainable Design Strategies
  • Biomimicry in Practice
  • Create an industry symbiosis with the Circularity Compass

These classes are great for: Business, nonprofit, and government professionals with a basic foundation in circular economy theory, who want to apply the concepts in their work.

Language: English, other languages may be available upon request

Course Length: 4 Hours

Industry Challenge Workshop

Struggling with finding a recycling or reuse option for a waste material? Want to add a rental or repair service to your business model? Have another you have a circularity challenge you’re trying to solve?  These sessions are designed around specific cases within your sector or organization. You’ll get dedicated time to brainstorm and problem-solve with experts from both Circular Berlin and leading circularity practitioners from our industry network.


Available for:

  • Textile and Fashion
  • Construction
  • Food & Restaurants
  • Consumer Goods & Packaging
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Events Management
  • Education & Schools

These classes are great for: Companies, company teams, or industry associations with a specific circular challenge they want to solve.

Language: English, other languages may be available upon request

Course Length: Variable

Circular Tours

A great addition to any classroom training, these tours visit up to 4 Berlin companies and projects putting circularity into practice. Offered in partnership with Circular Economy Tours.


Language: English, German

Tour Duration: 2-4 hours

Need something specific you don’t see outlined here? Get in touch! We’d be happy to design a training just for you.

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