Circular Economy Mapping event

What we have achieved

On 7 February 2018, we conducted an extraordinary event to identify Berlin's circular economy innovators. Around 40 local Berlin professionals took part in the event. More than 120 Berlin initiatives were identified across diverse sectors such as City, Consumer goods, Textile, Food and Manufacture.

Industry focus

5 industries were in focus for circularity

These are the number of initiatives we counted but, of course, it is not a complete list.

Food and agriculture

41 initiatives


35 initiatives

Textile and fashion

31 initiatives

Consumer goods

30 initiatives


22 initiatives

Berlin developed and supported a lot of projects in the area of food waste prevention, urban gardening and sustainable fashion, and eco-design. Along with circular business initiatives, many research projects German-wide and Europe-wide were conducted in Berlin. We found out the most promising on in the area of water and nutrition recovery, materials and recycling.

Value chain perspective

We considered several steps along the value chain

Implementation of the full circle requires a systematic view. Many Berlin initiatives addressed only one or two steps of circularity.

The significant amount of projects are coming from the design stage. On the materials stage mostly projects are classified that already operates with circular processes or secondary raw materials. And reuse and shared business models are almost a common practice in Berlin.

Event partners

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