Meet the leads: our new event series in 2021.

Meet the leads: our new event series in 2021.

For the year of 2021, we are running a new event series called ‘Meet the Leads’. The aim of the series is to give participants the chance to ask leading circular economy experts their questions. Throughout the year we will have events with key circular economy experts in very specific knowledge sectors from: construction, repair, zero waste, textiles, fashion, food, reuse, design and more. 

We started off the series on the 25th of March, with our first ‘Meet the Leads’ event: ‘Ask the Circular Berlin team your Questions’. Circular Berlin’s team leads: Arianna Nicoletti, Textiles & Fashion; Laura Grotenrath, Food & Biomass; Leon Bucher, Education; and Dina Padalkina, Founder & Built Environment, were featured and answered participants’ questions at the event. The event was very successful with both participants and speakers learning and gaining valuable insights to the wants, needs and ideas of others in the Circular Economy sector in Berlin.

Why have we started a new format ? 

There is already a lot of great content out there being produced in and around the circular economy. The pandemic has digitalized the events and formats we join every day, and we can access events from all over the world. Therefore, we want to change this format by bringing participants into the conversation with our experts and members. We want you to ask our experts all of your questions: find out useful tips; get personalised advice for your projects and ideas; and learn from their experience in a way that relates to you personally. The event is not about presentations and slides or being spoken at. It is about a conversation with YOU. 

Who should join? 

People who have some specific questions for the experts; partly those with knowledge already in and around the topic.

Why is it donation based? 

We are very grateful if you can support us on our path to implementing this series. A lot of the work we do at Circular Berlin is voluntary, and therefore donations here will help us to create future formats. We understand that everyone’s situation is different, so therefore anything from €1, to €20, to more, is welcome. We will always be grateful for any support you can give.

Going forward

We can’t wait to hold our future events and have further interactive discussions with participants. Going forward, our next ‘Meet the Leads’ events will be much more specialised and topic specific.

Do you have a suggestion on an area, topic, or experts within the Circular economy that you are interested in talking with? Let us know, and maybe you can ask your questions to them also!

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This post is prepared by Jessamy Hardie

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