The Circular City Challenge – the search for innovative solutions for urban transformation to a Circular Economy.

The Circular City Challenge – the search for innovative solutions for urban transformation to a Circular Economy.

The Circular City Challenge calls on innovators in the Circular Economy to find answers to the challenges of transforming to a circular urban system.

The ecosystem of cities is where we will explore and define the future of how we will live our lives in this world. Currently, however, cities are the largest producer of waste and overconsumption: they generate 50% of global waste and 70% of greenhouse gasses.

To counteract this, the Circular Economy could be the key for enabling cities to achieve their climate goals and create a liveable environment. 

That is why Circular Berlin, Circular Munich, Materialkreislauf and Circonnact, have called forth the Circular City Challenge. The cities of Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart and Vienna will become real laboratories where local innovators will explore, define approaches, and lead the way as inspiration for the transformation to a Circular Economy. These cities have formed an alliance of local representatives who will support the innovators  applying their ideas whilst adapting them to the cities’ needs, among them Nochmall, Quartiersmanagement Auguste-Viktoria-Allee, Urban Tech Republic Berlin TXL, Bezirksamt Spandau and ​​Bezirksamt Treptow Köpenick, Stadtmanufaktur, Stabsstelle Klimaschutz in Stuttgart, Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart, DoTank Circular City 2020-2030 (Stadt Wien), WieNeu+ (Stadterneuerungsprogramm, MA25), Bezirksamt Josefstadt, Agenda Josefstadt, Zukunftshaus, die HauswirtschaftGemeinde NeuriedGemeinde Schäftlarn, Gemeinde Straßlach-Dingharting, Gemeinde Haar, Quartiersprojekt Prinz Eugen Park and Quartiersprojekt Olytopia.

Until April the 1st 2022, companies and organisations that want to become active innovators and develop a solution within the Circular Economy, can apply to the Circular City Challenge. It is important that they address at least one of the four Key Challenges: Resource Management, Digital Technologies, System Infrastructure and Consumption & Awareness.

At a later stage of the project, the most promising applicants will have the opportunity to present their ideas to a selected jury. The jury will nominate the finalists of the Circular City Challenge. Through joining the challenge they will get  a unique chance to demonstrate the potential of their work directly to local stakeholders  within the Circular Economy. They will have the opportunity to interact with representatives of the cities that will enable them to tailor their solution to the existing needs of the city.  On top of this, they will  benefit from the network of our established partners, which will contribute to and increase the reach and visibility of  their project.

However, the focus is not on the competition, but on the creation of a network of Circular Economy enthusiasts who inspire and support each other in order to jointly drive forward the transformation of cities’ to a Circular Economy.

Do you want to learn more about, or participate in the Circular City Challenge? Then further information on how to apply is available on the Circular City Challenge website: 

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