Best practices, guidance and community to make the circular economy happen in Berlin.

Cities are major centres of human population, economic capital, natural resource usage, and waste generation. Here lies Berlin’s opportunity to become a circular city – in which resources are locally circulated, social bonds are strengthened and long-term prosperity is redefined.


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Too often it happens that bold organisations in Berlin don’t know about their peers. We are putting together the most comprehensive list of organisations working in Berlin’s Circular Economy field! Contribute with your knowledge by taking part in this collaborative effort!

New: Berlin’s collaborative calendar for Circular Economy events

Too many events happen in isolation of each other. This calendar brings together Berlin’s communities involved in the circular economy, zero-waste, sustainability, and others, with the goal of having one shared calendar. You can add events without logging in, and add this calendar to your you favorite calendar app.

Latest stories

Circular Berlin at the 3rd PLATE Conference

PLATE stands for Product Lifetimes and the Environment and is a conference series organised by Fraunhofer IZM and Technical University Berlin. This…

Learning from spaces or how spaces can underpin circular construction

Together with the Urban Ideation Lab at B-Part Am Gleisdreieck on August 22, 2019, Circular Berlin discussed the topic of spaces and…

Welcome to the pioneers from the “Pioneers into practice” Programme

On Monday September the 9th, we welcomed three pioneers of the Climate KIC’s programme “Pioneers Into Practice” - from India, Italy, Croatia…

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Dive into our basics on the circular economy and learn how to transition a city to a circular one.

Our work

As a mix of strategists, designers, researchers and practitioners, we partner with academia, business and municipalities to bring the local community together, conduct in-depth research studies and launch our own circular projects.


Berlin has a vibrant community of organisations in the circular economy space. We have put together a curated selection, ranging from circular fashion to zero-waste cooking, and from innovative material developers to new construction processes.

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