New essay: “Revalue your clothes – implementing a circular textiles economy”

New essay: “Revalue your clothes – implementing a circular textiles economy”

– published in 3rd BKHS Magazine grows a valuable cooperation for our upcoming exchange project between Ghana & Germany

We are excited and proud to announce our publication titled „Revalue your clothes – implementing a circular textiles economy” in the third edition of the Bundeskanzler Helmut Schmidt Foundation Magazin on this year´s topic “Remaking Globalization”.

Global fast fashion giants set the rules of the fashion industry and follow a linear economy based on the exploitation of the environment and society. This consistently destroys ecological, social and economic values. A fair fashion industry needs a new global regulation framework and greater appreciation for quality by the consumers.

During her master’s thesis, our team member Sarah Keller researched the success factors and design criteria for building a strong circular network for a textile circular economy that focuses on local business models in the field of repair and reuse – using our digital Plattform A-Gain Guide as case study. The A-Gain Guide shows Berlin citizens the most convenient ways to repair and reuse to extend the lifetime of their used textiles. This can significantly reduce the negative impact on the environmental and social dimension and at the same time offers huge potential for local business. In her essay, Sarah outlines possible solutions for strengthening the local textile circular economy and points out the need for an enhanced interaction between politics, consumers and businesses.

With our A-Gain Guide we are building these bridges and hope to inspire other regions and cities and enable them to follow suit through our open source framework.

We would like to thank Dr. Elisabeth Winter, Programme Director “Global Markets & Social Justice”  and her team at the Bundeskanzler-Helmut-Schmidt Foundation for the opportunity to share our research and work within the BHKS magazine.
Close and strong relationships are crucial for our path towards a circular economy – both the appreciative relationship with our clothing and the relationship between the key players in a circular network. With the Helmut Schmidt Foundation we have found a strong cooperation partner and are very pleased to announce our joint cooperation for our new project in the field of global second-hand trade, Ghana x Germany: Paving the way for an equitable Extended Producer Responsibility

This project aims to foster a connection between Ghana and Germany in order to gain a better understanding of the complexities and different realities surrounding textile waste, and to encourage the development of new solutions for an EPR textile policy in Germany.

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