Faircado, the Berlin-based startup in sustainable technology, has launched a new, cross-browser extension that would change the consumer experience and online buying behaviour for the benefit of our planet. On the 22nd of September, in the heart of the German capital, the company celebrated the new technology becoming available to users in multiple web stores, after months of testing, debugging and evaluation. The extension is a powerful tool intended to make shopping second-hand products the first choice for more customers than ever before. It gathers all available search results for used products and offers them in a single list sorted by price for a quick and easy comparison. 

Rather than printing their company’s slogan on the giveaways for the event guests, the faircado founders, Ali Nezamolmaleki and Evoléna de Wilde d’Estmael, being so keen on making their mission loud and clear, chose instead to promote “System Change, not Climate Change”, a motto used by the global climate justice movement. This very Call-To-Action phrase was the kingpin of the panel discussion which followed. After a reception to welcome almost 100 guests representing various business and NGO sectors from all over Germany, the panel was inaugurated with a video by Lisa Heinrichs from the UN SDG action campaign, “Flip The Script”, who announced faircado “an inspiring and impact mobilising partner” of the campaign. Afterwards, the panel host, Maximilian Mauracher, an EU Climate Pact Ambassador, called to the stage four female-experts to elaborate how the introduction of faircado to the second-hand market would have a huge impact forthcoming.

Expressing her appreciation of faircado’s new product, Dr. phil. Katharina von Knop, Expert in Behavioural Science, Digital Transformation and Trust Building, explained how our brains are designed to save energy, which mostly translates to picking the easiest, not necessarily the best solution for every problem. “And here comes the role of this extension… Faircado has made it very easy for consumers to choose the right solution!”, she added. Inga Hilbig, the head of marketing at everwave, revealed that “faircado will support everwave to remove 1 kilo of waste from rivers for each time the extension is downloaded.” Staying on the topic, yet drawing a bigger picture, Christine Braun from the BNW (Bundesverband Nachhaltige Wirtschaft) urged the audience to remain active in their social surroundings and become part of the solution, asserting that “Linear economy is very strong and successful” so, there’s an immense load of work for those who are into the circular economy to balance that out. When the host asked for a last word from each, the fourth panellist, Evoléna de Wilde d’Estmael, reflected a lot of positive energy in her closing speech. She optimistically communicated her faith in people “backing the change while voting every day with their money.”

On the heels of the panel discussion, a surprise was saved for the attendees. The faircado team went on a short night-walk with their guests towards a building-size billboard that belongs to an electronics giant in the middle of the cosmopolitan city. While the guests started mumbling their guesses about that “little adventure”, someone was working behind the scenes to take down the jumbo’s name from the billboard and, to the surprise of the gasping guests and bystanders, substitute it with faircado’s logo and visuals. The gutsy action, which served as the launch-event conclusion, is meant as a declaration of the system change faircado’s extension is to bring along. 

For those who like to save money and time while going green, the extension is available for download on faircado’s bilingual website; https://faircado.com/  for both Chrome and Firefox. It stays in the pipeline to make the product available for more browsers soon.

About faircado
Faircado is the first AI-powered search and comparison platform for second-hand shopping that comes in a Chrome extension. We bring second-hand into the 21st century and help all consumers save time, money and CO2 by choosing second-hand. Faircado collaborates with eBay, Refurbed, Backmarket, Sellpy, Momox and reBuy, among others, is supported by Startup Incubator Berlin and an active member of the Greentech Alliance and the Leaders for Climate Action.

For interviews or material inquiries, contact: Evoléna de Wilde d’Estmael, evolena@faircado.com, mobile: +491633623403.

Photo credits to José Piña

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