Circular Schools are coming

Circular Schools are coming

Together with the initiatives Zero Waste Your Life (Laura Konieczny) and Mifactori (Lars Zimmermann) Circular Berlin had applied for funding to run an educational project for school children. We’re now happy to announce that the Berliner Projektfonds kulturelle Bildung has granted the funding to run a yearlong pilot program on circular practices with an elementary school in Berlin-Karlshorst.

Starting in September, each of the 15 classes ranging from first to sixth grade is going to have a total of three project days. Each class is going to examine a different stream of resources going entering and leaving the school. Topics such as water, electricity, textiles, food waste and many more are going to be covered in creative and informative ways. As the students expand their knowledge and the school becomes sustainable, they’ll work their way towards becoming the first “Kreislaufschule” (Circular School) in Berlin.

All educational and creative modules are going to be published as open sources to be replicated by other educators. Ultimately, after the end of the pilot project in summer 2020, Circular Berlin is planning to offer assistance in partaking in the circular school education and certification process to other schools as well.

We’ll keep you posted on the project’s progress.

If you have any further questions on the project, please reach out to the main project coordinator, Laura Konieczny.