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Circular Berlin meets OSCEDays

Circular Berlin was proud to be a part of the extraordinary event, happening on the 14-16th of June, Open Source Circular Economy Days (OSCEDays)! It was truly extraordinary, exciting and full of interesting people, ideas, and conversations. For us, the preparation started already in March, when together Lars Zimmermann, the...

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Die Diskussion „Was brauchen wir für ein Circular Berlin?“

Läuft alles rund in Berlin? Eine Diskussion zur Kreislaufwirtschaft in der Hauptstadt Die Open Source Circular Economy Days 2018 (#OSCEdays) brachten die Diskussion um die Zukunft der Kreislaufwirtschaft der deutschen Hauptstadt zum EUREF-Campus. Was brauchen wir für ein „Circular Berlin“? Diese Frage stellte sich Dina Padalkina, Gründerin von Circular Berlin....

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Circular Economy Mapping event

[vc_row heading_style="default" heading_color_style="default" text_align="center" smart_style="default" separator="first" smart_heading="Berlin Circular economy mapping event" heading="What we have achieved" description="On 7 February 2018, we conducted an extraordinary event to identify Berlin's circular economy innovators. Around 40 local Berlin professionals took part in the event. More than 120 Berlin initiatives were identified across diverse sectors...

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