Academy for Transitional Skills in the Built Environment

The BuildSkills Academy aims to upgrade knowledge and skills related to the green and digital transitions, focusing on the construction sector. Within the framework of the project, the training’s program related to the real needs of the construction professionals will be designed applying the “lifelong learning” approach, incl. through reskilling and upskilling.


Co-funded by the European Union, ERASMUS+ Programme under Grant Agreement number: 101104419


17 partners from 10 European countries


June 2023 – May 2027

The challenge

The changing world of work, driven by technology, demographics, and climate change, is reshaping the construction sector. Challenges include talent shortages, aging workers, and the need for digital and green skills. To combat these issues and achieve sustainability goals, investment in lifelong learning, better working conditions, and attractive career opportunities is essential. Equipping professionals with building, digital, and green competences is crucial for the sector’s competitiveness and meeting climate targets.

Our approach

BuildSkills Academy will respond to those needs and will support the transformation of the skills ecosystems for the construction sector by achieving the following objectives:

  1. design of common BuildEnrichedSkills methodology and a procedure for adaptation of learning provision to the evolving labour market needs and
  2. design of a common certification framework for transitional skills and competences for the construction sector.

The main activities are structured around: 

  • Co-design of new content for the BuildEnrichedSkills methodology with the respective stakeholders from the skills and industrial ecosystems industry and the innovation ecosystems (entrepreneurs, innovators).
  • Engagement of educational providers, industry representatives, entrepreneurs and innovators in thematic groups spread over EQF levels 3-7 for validation of educational content responding to the market needs for transitional skills
  • Building a transnational cooperation platform for Centres of Vocational Excellence using the same methodology and certification framework for adaptation of VET provision to evolving labour market needs
  • Establishment of cooperation for exchange of best practice, peer learning, co-creation of joint courses

For achieving the objectives, the BuildSkills Academy will carry out activities grouped in three pillars:

  • Design and verification of the BuildEnrichedSkills methodology, 
  • Design and verification of the Certification framework 
  • Communication, dissemination, engagement and exploitability.

The outcomes

This is a four year project. In the end, it is expected that a pan-European framework will be created, centered on the construction sector. It will establish a certification scheme and upgrade knowledge and skills in the “twin” transition (green and digital).

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Project contact person

Dina Padalkina c copy

Dina Padalkina

Founder & CEO, City & Built Environment Lead



Daniela Raffo

Senior Project Manager