ARCA: combining creativity, sustainability and inclusivity in fashion

The ARCA project experiments with a European transnational co-design and co-creation process to develop a prototype of an Agender Circular Capsule Wardrobe, inspired by the urban contexts of the three participating cities (Berlin, Barcelona and Bologna),  as well as an associated open source digital tutorial.


European Cooperation projects (CREA-CULT-2023-COOP) under grant agreement number: Project 101131677 — ARCA


Baumhaus Societa (Bologna, It) and Lantoki (Barcelona, Es)


November 2023 – October  2025

The challenge

With the urgent need to address the escalating environmental impact of the European fashion sector, particularly the issue of textile waste, and to overcome the inclusivity barriers in the cultural and creative industries, this project aims to design, develop and pilot a unique mentoring and training model for circular and inclusive fashion design.

Our approach

The project aims to provide high quality education and training programmes in sustainable fashion through a transnational phygital circular training model. By promoting equal access to quality education in the cultural and creative industries, the project aims to equip emerging and established professionals with the conceptual tools and practical knowledge to address issues of sustainability and inclusion in the fashion industry.

In order to achieve the goals of this project we will: 

  • Launch an open call and organise an online mentoring programme for emerging designers
  • Conduct three offline training courses on circular sewing, business modelling, and marketing and communication for inclusive and circular fashion
  • Develop a digital tutorial on circular and inclusive fashion
  • Curate an exhibition showcasing the ACCW capsule collection

The outcomes

A digital tutorial and complementary learning materials will be the end result of a two-year project dedicated to testing an innovative transnational co-design and co-creation process. Along with the training materials, an Agender Circular Capsule Wardrobe will be designed, produced and promoted by the project partners in collaboration with an intergenerational and international group of European creatives, professionals and students.

Project contact person


Arianna Nicoletti

Circular Textiles Lead

Email | LinkedIn