Developing a zero waste norm for operational waste management

As a delegate of Koordinierungsbüro Normungsarbeit der Umweltverbände (KNU) (trans. Coordination office for norm work by environmental associations), Circular Berlin is part of a consortium developing a new norm called “DIN SPEC 91436 Reference model for operational waste management aligned with a ‘Zero Waste’ vision.” The process to create this DIN SPEC (a kind of pre-norm) was initiated by the recycling company Green Cycle.




Koordinierungsbüro Normungsarbeit der Umweltverbände (KNU) TÜV Süd, DEKRA, Resourcify, TU Dreseden, and Super Seven


February 2020 – December 2020

The challenge

There are norms – industry standards – for a wide range of areas, some also including the topic of sustainability. There is no particular norm on the topic of zero waste and how to incorporate such practices into different industries’ working routines yet. As a representative of the KNU, our main objective is to make sure the final DIN SPEC document will be implementable and bring forward actual, measurable change within the industries.

Our approach

Being part of a diverse group of industries and standardization experts within the DIN SPEC consortium, we aim to contribute with our practical knowledge regarding real life zero waste practices. Being a KNU-delegate to the consortium and an environmental association ourselves, we aim to emphasize actionable and impactful zero waste and circular economy practices into the norms.

The outcomes

The goal is to have a functioning, implementable norm by the end of 2020 that can then be put into practice.

Project contact person


Laura Grotenrath

Events & Zero Waste Lead

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