Exploring circularity in Berlin with Circular City Guide

As a compact guide, the Circular City Guide Berlin explains what urban circularity means and shows locally, unconventionally and in a variety of ways how a resource-conserving everyday life can work for Berliners. In addition to communicating municipal resource conservation, the guide is intended to draw attention to a variety of local projects and initiatives, including diverse educational offers, and to invite people to immerse themselves in local cycles through thematically appropriate vouchers.


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March 2023 – October 2023

The challenge

Sustainability, climate protection, resource conservation, and climate justice are challenges that particularly face metropolises like Berlin. While these terms are often used in campaigns, local reporting, or as a call for personal action, concrete proposals on how to achieve these goals are often lacking. So, how can we successfully lead Berlin and its districts towards becoming a resource-efficient and more livable city? This transformation relies on every single person. With the Circular City Guide Berlin, we aim to raise awareness for ecological, circular consumption and to show, through the different stages of the product lifecycle, how everyone can participate in this change by using Circular Economy strategies.

Our approach

The Circular City Guide Berlin is to be developed as a book (in a one-off edition) for the Berlin metropolitan region. Focusing on urban circular economy, waste avoidance, and recycling, it demonstrates how to integrate resource-saving practices into everyday urban life.

The guide includes:

  • Valuable information on circularity in cities, along with an overview of alternative economic activities, production, and consumption practices.
  • Promotion and support for sustainable and regional services, products, and production sites, as well as local initiatives. Regional vouchers can be used to explore different offerings and gain new perspectives and inspiration.
  • Free distribution through existing citizen-oriented municipal structures such as new citizen packages, municipal advice centers, town halls, registration offices, social welfare offices, tourist offices, schools, and universities. The guide is also intended to inspire visitors to Berlin to take their newly acquired knowledge back to their own cities and municipalities and apply it there.

The outcomes

The Circular City Guide Berlin will be published in October 2023 as a free online offer and in a limited print edition.

Project contact person

Inga Mücke

Inga Mücke

Project manager, Communication and PR

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