Textile Journeys – an interactive deep dive into Berlins’ discarded textiles

Textile Journeys are unique workshop experiences and knowledge-sharing blog posts that teach Berliners about inspiring ways to keep their beloved clothes alive for longer. In the workshops, participants collect and analyze discarded clothing on the street and then discover practical solutions for their textiles with experts in the textile circular economy. A blog post will be published on the brand new A-GAIN GUIDE Knowledge page for each of the dates with in-depth information and options for action for your own clothing.


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November 2023 – December 2024

The challenge

Increasingly clothing and household textiles can be found scattered across the streets of Berlin. Discarded and left to the elements, these items are left to deteriorate, even though they still contain value and can very likely still be worn.

By 2025 EU member states need to introduce a separate collection of unwanted textiles, as laid out by the EU’s Circular Economy Package in 2018. But why wait until 2025?

Let’s start now.

Our approach

The project consists of two pillars: the interactive Textile Journeys and the knowledge-sharing blog posts.

The Textile Journeys are made up of 3 parts:

  1. Street Tour – using specially crafted MHLD (Multifunctional Hybrid Laundro Drive) mobile clothes horses, we’ll rescue discarded textiles from Berlin’s public spaces. On the way we’ll talk about the impact of fashion and the global clothing industry on individual lives and the environment, as well a visit a local #textilretter business in the neighbourhood.
  2. Investigation Time – We discuss the main problems of textiles, the material compositions and the type of clothing and develop possible solutions together on how we can prevent textile waste.
  3. With the help of one of our local Berlin businesses listed on the A-GAIN GUIDE, the following upcycling, refurbishment or repair workshops offer trying out practical solutions to extend the life of existing textiles and reduce the need for new resources.

In addition to the workshops, the project aims to draw attention to the wide range of local projects, services and initiatives, including various educational offers and online tutorials. This goal is achieved through the second pillar: the publication of specific, knowledge-sharing blog posts on the A-GAIN GUIDE platform operated by Circular Berlin.

The outcomes

Organization of 6 Textile Journey events and publication of 6 knowledge-sharing blog posts with the aim of strengthening the practical skills of Berliners in terms of the care and repair of their own clothing, deepening their knowledge of the textile circular economy and its solutions as well as empowering them to take an active role in the transformation of the textile industry.

Further steps

Take part in the Textile Journeys events.
Read the 6 resources posts on our A-GAIN GUIDE Knowledge page.

Project contact person


Arianna Nicoletti

Circular Textiles Lead