Public service platforms for circular, innovative and resilient municipalities

CircularPSP aims to accelerate the digital transition towards a Circular Economy (CE), by planning, procuring, and implementing innovative CE-solutions across Europe.


European Union’s Horizon Europe Pre- Commercial Procurement Programme, under Grant Agreement n° 101092208


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, TAGES, Circular Berlin, Forum Virium Helsinki, Sandyford Business District, Câmara Municipal de Guimarães, Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, Skupnost občin Slovenije, empirica, RISE


January 2023 – 2026

The challenge

To the European Green Deal, realising a green, sustainable, and circular economy (CE) in Europe is crucial. An economy focused on circularity will help achieve climate neutrality by 2050 and meet 2030 SDG goals, as well as ensuring long term competitiveness of European businesses. However, only 10% of the cities have advanced on circular transition, as it is particularly complex, and cities need ICT support to help structure their action and enable them to learn from their peers. Cities and SMEs require support to operationalise the growing body of CE knowledge.

Our approach

The Buyers Group and Preferred Partners seek a new green digital platform enabling entire municipal operations (city) and the local economy (market) to choose, open, and consume existing and new data. The solution is to support business processes and workflows to plan, procure and implement innovative CE-solutions across Europe more quickly and at larger volume. To enable the transition suppliers will answer the unmet need for ICT innovation in the cross-cutting combination of three strategic digital technologies: 

  1. scalable platforms for city and SMEs users,
  2. CE data analytics using EU taxonomy and open linked data and
  3. natural language processing (NLP) to break language barriers across the EU and beyond.

The outcomes

The expected outcome is the service platform, with the first testing opportunities for the municipalities.

Project contact person

Dina Padalkina c copy

Dina Padalkina

Founder & CEO, City & Built Environment Lead

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