Circular Berlin: planning for 2020 – sneak peeks

Circular Berlin: planning for 2020 – sneak peeks

In the beginning of February we got together for our team retreat to discuss the work focus of our year. As a non profit organisation we have big plans ahead, but it also means without your help and support it will not be possible to move forward.

2019 was exciting, but 2020 should be more!

Reaching already more than 15 people, we are building a strong team that believes that circular economy is the future for our work. We aim to strengthen our internal capacities across the key industries of our work: built environment, food, textile, as well as exploring new areas such as infrastructure in the city, tourism and events.

Community work and knowledge dissemination of circular economy knowledge will remain our ongoing priority for 2020. We will keep organising our community events, so do not miss the one on 26.02 – “Breaking it down: plastic packaging”. We also want to know from you, how to support further our Berlin community with digital tools. Drop a line to Paul, if you have further suggestions.

We have a stronger focus on the educational work around circular economy. First of all we want to share with you already collected knowledge in the topic, but also our insights of the industry work and specific tools. Now you can book a session for circular economy trainings where we would be happy to invite you and learn from you.

Industry work – more projects are coming

We gain our insights from projects, and this year we will continue to  work further on the build environment sector. In 2020 we will be focusing our training series, ‘Bauen für Morgen’. For more details check it out [here].  If you are working in the construction sector, join our training and save your spot. We’ve already  started planning for 2021 for the development of the Circular Construction exhibition in Berlin, to showcase relevant examples of buildings.  Every bit of help is needed!

The food sector is also raising its voice this year, where we want to focus on the biomass streams identification on the district level as well as food waste opportunities to better understand the Berlin food ecosystem. This sector goes closely together with realisation of waste free tourism activities, where we want to work with a Berlin hotel on its transformation towards waste free processes.

Digital textile guide for Berlin! This is something that we also envision to understand:  the quantities and qualities of materials entering shops. This work focuses on the empowerment of the consumers to change wasteful behaviour, supporting them with the information on how to treat the clothing,  available spots in the city dealing with the topic of repair, redesign, textile treatment and correct disposable areas for textile recycling. Mapping secondary textile stream in the Berlin region is important to create transparency and demand for secondary textiles and upcycling, supporting the creative industry and social entities that need access to the used clothing – dealing with better redistribution.

Funding, funding… we still need you!

Circular Berlin is a Non for Profit association which is driven by impact and persuaded by the topic. Check out Association’s statutes (Verein Satzung). Most of our work is based on volunteer engagement: website, communication, free events and many other things. We are proud to have these people with us and sharing these values. That being said, we are also constantly searching for new collaborators and opportunities to support our work.

From this year, if you like our work, and you would like to support us, we would be be happy to receive your help here:

Circular City e.V.

Bank: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG


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Your Circular Berlin team!

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