Circular Berlin’s 2023 in a nutshell

Circular Berlin’s 2023 in a nutshell

As we bid farewell to yet another impactful year, it’s time to take stock of the incredible strides we’ve made at Circular Berlin. The past twelve months have been transformative, filled with challenges, successes, and an unwavering commitment to our mission of circularity. Let’s journey through the highlights of our endeavors and contributions in 2023:

Building a stronger community and awareness

In 2023, our community at Circular Berlin has grown further, fostering collaborations and knowledge exchange among its members. Along with Commown, Eolos, NochMall, Korg Berlin, Freiraum in der Box, New Standard.s, Zero Waste Your Life,, Sustainable Design Center, Pentatonic we were also happy to greet new members Creative Climate Cities, Wista Management GmbH and  Atelier Gardens

This growth propelled our community up to 140 enthusiastic advocates dedicated to advancing the circular cause in Berlin. You can get a glimpse of the faces of our community , by looking at our Members’ gallery. Engaging formats like Learning Circles and Circular Connect allowed us to delve into community knowledge around circularity, facilitating profound experiences and inspiring networking among members.

The second edition of   Circular City Challenge brought together 12 new jury partners from cities across Germany and Austria. This initiative aims to spark innovative solutions transforming urban landscapes toward climate neutrality through circular practices. In 2024, we’ll continue this project, exploring local implementation possibilities highlighted in our recent Matchmaking event.

Another highlight was the Circular City Guide project, crafting a concise guide illustrating urban circularity and promoting resource conservation in everyday life for Berliners. Focused on urban circular economy, waste reduction, and alternative economic practices, this guide will be a valuable resource in Berlin, showcasing diverse examples around the city.

Moreover, our team has grown to include 7 part-time circular economy enthusiasts, marking a milestone in our organization’s stable development. Looking forward, from January next year, we’ll be recruiting for new positions: Event Manager and Communication coordinator. Over the past year, our education team underwent significant reorganization in the internal learning process, introducing the Education & Community Lead role, currently open and presenting an exciting opportunity for applicants.

Additionally, we’ve been part of exciting community events such as the development of a Zero Waste Agency in Berlin, as well as the MPI Circular Economy Conference driven by Senat WEB,  and Tech Connect from Adlershof. Our excitement lies in supporting these communities’ next steps towards circular implementation in Berlin.

More circularity in Berlin through active engagement

This past year has seen remarkable strides in fostering circularity across various sectors within Berlin, ushering in impactful projects and initiatives set to redefine our city’s sustainable future.

In the realm of textiles, Circular Berlin and STREETWARE Saved Item embarked on transformative Textile Journeys, a mission aimed at salvaging Berlin’s discarded clothing. These journeys serve not only to uncover why textiles are abandoned but also to establish connections with local textile rescue stakeholders through the A-Gain Guide. Armed with practical solutions for the recovery, reuse, and repair of unwanted textiles, this endeavor marks just the beginning. Anticipate six more Textile Journeys in 2024, each poised to unveil deeper insights and actionable strategies.

Shifting focus to the construction sector, 2023 witnessed the inception of pivotal projects altering our approach to circularity in the built environment. Participation in the “BuildSkills Academy” project, alongside 17 partners from 10 European countries, aims to elevate and certify crucial knowledge and skills for the construction sector’s dual transition. Insights gained this year, to be shared in 2024, promise to illuminate critical skill gaps and pathways for progress. Moreover, Circular Berlin’s involvement in the “Circular B” project reflects a collective commitment to implementing circular economy practices. This collaborative initiative, boasting over 70 stakeholders, is poised to redefine circulatory strategies, value chains, KPI frameworks, and disseminate results. Our collaboration with Gebäudeforum klimaneutral (DENA) on the study ‘Circular Economy Business Models in Construction’ is nearing publication, with further updates slated for 2024.

In the food sector, our project “Circularity through Zero Waste Approaches in Hotel Gastronomy” made significant strides. Collaborating with partners like NEW STANDARD.STUDIO, Seminaris Hotel, and visitBerlin, our workshops delved into sustainable food practices, culminating in valuable learning materials accessible via TourismusHub Berlin. These resources, serving as a repository of knowledge, offer recommendations and insights into circular approaches and their tangible impact. 

Our commitment to the CircularPSP project remains steadfast, aiming to aid municipalities in transitioning towards circular economies. Joining this consortium alongside partners across Europe positions Circular Berlin to significantly contribute to developing solutions and digital tools that enhance operational performance toward circularity. In our pursuit, we’re seeking visionary suppliers to join us on an incredible journey toward creating a circular economy digital public service and data platform.  

Moreover, our exploration continues, with active member engagement driving the discussion further into Circular Consumption and Circular Electronics. Stay tuned as we explore new sectors that might emerge next year, embodying our commitment to relentless innovation and advancement in the circular domain. 

Lastly, a heartfelt THANK YOU extends to our entire community of volunteers, freelancers, and employed team members who have been indispensable to our operations this year:

Arno Bouma, Alethya Cuberos, Cherelle Escaffre, Sarah Eager, Candela Fernandez, Jessamy Hardie, Tobias Jänecke, Sarah Keller, Megan Koch, Rémi Laoubi, Laura Llonch, Davit Markosyan, Maximilian Mauracher, Omar Mohammed, Inga Mücke, Arianna Nicoletti, Ashley Opondo, Cristina Orizzonte, Dina Padalkina, Daniela Raffo, Sofia Elisabeth Ratzinger, Olivia Silveira, Julius Schaeufele, Anna Reiners, Ronja Scholz, Jan Störkel, Patrick Teuffel, Josi Quitzke.

As a small Christmas gesture, we’d greatly appreciate your response to our survey and support for our voluntary work.

Circular Berlin wishes you a safe and happy Christmas time and a positive circular start to 2024.